Gov’t stuns with $860,000 offer for DPRK secrets.REALITY CHECK–a tiny fraction of that reward would enable a multitude of refugee evacuations along NE Asia’s Underground Railroad!

HHK’s refugee rescue activities over nearly two decades are extensively covered in Melanie Kirkpatrick’s excellent volume, ESCAPE FROM NORTH KOREA: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad

Seoul to quadruple cash for Pyongyang secrets

Seoul (CNN)   South Korea is quadrupling its reward fee for defectors from North Korea who are willing to hand over classified information on the reclusive country’s military secrets.The Ministry of Unification announced Sunday that it would pay up to 1 billion won ($860,000) — eclipsing the previous maximum of 250 million won.

A bill outlining the changes is set to be submitted and would offer substantial financial rewards for those able to provide intelligence and knowledge, which could enhance South Korea’s security, according to the ministry.

The bill will be considered in the National Assembly between February 28 and March 9, a Unification Ministry official said. READ MORE: