Freedom of Belief & Christian Mission

Tim contributed to the Edinburgh Centenary Series in Oxford a case study chapter on missions and human rights work for North Koreans in crisis based on HHK’s 20+ years of fieldwork. The chapter in PDF is free to download.

Escape From North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad

Melanie Kirkpatrick’s excellent and thorough overview of the history and unique asymmetric humanitarian activities of HHK and other ‘maverick NGO’s’ in the decades’ long endeavor to assist refugees fleeing the Secret State of North Korea. Ms. Kirkpatrick provides a detailed overview of strategies and fieldwork of Helping Hands Korea and its founder in the following pages of her highly acclaimed volume: pp. 46-48,51-53,168-69,223-24,226-27,229.

Korea Confronts the Future, Chapter 6 “Refugees” by Tim Peters (Korean Pathetique: A Symphony of Refugee Tears Unheeded) 


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