Who We Are

Helping Hands Korea (HHK) is a Christian NGO based on the Korean Peninsula that has assisted North Koreans in crisis since 1996. Established in Seoul by Tim and Sunmi Peters, HHK has partnered with various individuals and organizations in South Korea and around the world that share a sense of urgency for vulnerable sectors of the population within North Korea as well as escapees, those who have fled the ruling Kim-family tyranny in the North. Escapees in China may face particularly dangerous and life-threatening consequences if arrested and repatriated to the DPRK. Punishments include extended prison camp detention, torture, forced abortion and public execution in extreme cases. HHK provides logistical support to escapees in China along the so called ‘underground railroad’ to guide them to safe havens in neighboring conuntries.

Our Other Work:

Provision of necessities: HHK endeavors to deliver food, medicine, and clothing to the most vulnerable sectors of the North Korean society, especially orphans in impoverished areas, the handicapped, the elderly as well as persecuted Christians. Food aid since 1996 has included rice biscuits, rice cakes, bread rolls, corn, flour, vegetable seeds, ready-made porridge. Every effort is made to find partners of the highest integrity that use transparent monitoring methods despite very difficult circumstances.

Aid to children: HHK provides help in China to children who’ve been separated from or abandoned by North Korean escapee mothers who’ve often fallen victim to Chinese human traffickers. Assistance ranges from foster care for children to monthly stipends to assist elderly grand-parents struggling with their care in China.

Advocacy: We use selected opportunities to bring the issues of injustice, state-enforced poverty, the denial of religious freedom and other universal human rights to a wider public through legislative hearings (US Congress, U.K, and Canadian Parliaments), and with media sources that have a proven track record of even-handed treatment of these issues. Lectures and other speaking engagements have proven useful in bringing key issues to a broader global public as well as influencing legislation, governmental and non-governmental policies

Mission Statement

HHK is an organization committed to an active response to the plight of human rights-deprived North Koreans through innovative projects that address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of North Koreans in crisis. HHK seeks to meaningfully and pragmatically respond to Jesus Christ’s call to love, serve, relieve suffering and set the exploited free. We believe the truth of Christ’s words, “Insofar as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)