Poetic (or comic) Justice:Defector activists in the South gird for epic balloon ‘DVD drop’ of the “The Interview” over North Korea!–Hollywood Reporter

Courtesy of Human Rights Foundation

As HHK asserted as early as December 10th, blame for the egregiously criminal SONY hack has now officially been laid by the US government at the feet of the North Korean regime. Although distribution of the movie spoof on Kim Jong Un has been frozen by North Korea’s mafia tactics in the US, this heavy-handed North Korean censorship may very well  be undone by enormous balloons and winter updrafts near the DMZ very soon!

The Hollywood Reporter published on Friday, Dec.16th, that: “…..Kim Jong Un better brace himself because The Interview is headed to his country. Human rights activists are planning to airlift DVDs of the Seth Rogen comedy into the country via hydrogen balloons.” Read more of this article here: